Delaware County Business Plaza

Business Suites, Shops, Warehouse and Office Spaces from 1500 to 20,000 sq. ft.

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                    Location, Location, Location!

    Plaza Properties specializes in the absolute best locations for commercial, resort and industrial developments.  What makes the Delaware County Business Plaza location so desirable?  It is just seven minutes away from the Philadelphia International Airport and major distribution highways for the tri-state area. 

However, it is just outside of city limits, so businesses here pay no city gross receipts tax (.24%), no business net profit tax (6.5%), and no city wage tax (4.54%)! These Philadelphia taxes can amount to more than you will pay in rent at the Delaware County Business Plaza, and our rental rates are 70% off compared to the city.

Here are the facts:

    At our Airport Business Plaza, located just seven minutes away on the Philadelphia side of the city border, prices are over 300 percent higher than the rates at the Delaware County Business Plaza, plus businesses there have to pay the city taxes mentioned above.

    This is the quintessential location for businesses who want to be near the city, airport and best area access routes, yet are adverse to paying all the city taxes and high rental rates for a main street location.  With our printable, picture-guided virtual driving directions just a click away at, you don’t need a pricey, main street location for your customers to find you.

    At the Delaware County Business Plaza, you will save money on rent, taxes and distribution time, and have more money and time for you!



        - Printable, Picture Guided Virtual Driving Directions, with your business listing at

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Other Advantages:

      -         7 minutes from I-95 and the Philadelphia International Airport and the Schuylkill Expressway (Route 76)

-         Well-lit with manicured landscaping

-         Fenced exterior

-         State-of-the-art insulation used in ice rinks

-         Brand-new high efficiency heaters

-         Save money on heat and electric

-         240-volt, 400-w metal halide lighting – ultra bright with low operating cost

-         You and your fleet will be home while others are fighting traffic

-         Save money on operations

-         Ideally laid-out facility, custom-configured for your business

-         Close to the city with no city taxes


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